Hello you wonderful human, and welcome to the general space!​

I'm Georgia and this is my one woman mission to change the way we think about fashion and consumption in general, to pave the way for a kinder, more sustainable fashion landscape. My aim here is to provide a space for love and inclusivity with a focus on bringing you special unique vintage and one off pieces that fit you and your life to perfection, and that you will hopefully want to keep and show off forever!

I created this space to showcase the higher end pieces from my collection, with a concentration on collectors items and rare finds that you won't get anywhere else. My dream for these pieces is to unite them with their perfect owners  and even to keep some of them out of large private or museum collections, where they simply don't receive the love and wear they deserve. These pieces were made to last and be worn, with no expiration date on style or cut. I want you to wear these pieces with pride and feel utterly fabulous whilst doing so! This is why I prefer natural fibres as they are more comfortable and better for the environment, so a lot of the collection here will be in cottons, linens and silks, and it is SO important to know your own measurements as I will include estimated modern sizing but a perfect fit is only possible when you know your own body, and having those measurements to hand will make that easier!


I try to be inclusive when curating my collection, but this can be very difficult with vintage as each piece is totally unique and there is no one size fits all, so if you can't find something to your specifications just let me know and I will do my utmost to find you your dream vintage piece. I handpick every single item you see on here as well as over on my depop, where you'll find a different selection of vintage and secondhand to the more premium edit that makes it onto the website! 


A bit about me, Georgia

I have been a fan of vintage and secondhand pretty much since my conception, being brought up by a very thrifty and stylish mother who studied dressmaking and worked in costume design for theatre production and has always had a love for vintage herself. She always took us round the charity shops from a very young age!

I worked in fashion retail as a merchandiser and then in management, but began selling my own vintage wares as well in 2008 as a supplementary income whilst studying for my degree in Fine Art. I continued my retail career for over 10 years but was disheartened by the business of fast fashion and an exciting opportunity came up, so I moved to China for a year to teach English at a small University in Suzhou. When I returned to England I started selling vintage again, whilst working as the manager of a speakeasy inspired cocktail bar, of all things!! I managed 2 years before changing career again, finally using my fine art degree, as an assistant at a wonderful contemporary art gallery in Canterbury, Lilford Gallery. I have dabbled in creative direction and work as a freelance stylist too, and made the decision 3 years ago to only work with sustainable brands or vintage. In 2019 I wanted to go back into education to learn more about sustainability and the culture around it, so applied to study for a Masters degree in Social Anthropology. I made a short film about Extinction Rebellion and the fashion swarm protests at London Fashion week, and received The Public Engagement prize for the combined film/website I produced for the project. I am still working on completing the masters, and my research has ended up taking me towards looking specifically at sustainable fashion consumption, resale and the evolution of the British high street and charity shopping. My research has now expanded to include the effects of the pandemic on these too.

If you ever have any queries or have an exciting collaborative project you would like to work on, head over to my instagram and drop me a message!